Dealing with unsightly, uncomfortable bunions can become a major hindrance to one’s daily life when left untreated over time. If you’re suffering from bunions, you might struggle to walk, run, exercise, and even wear your favorite shoes due to the amount of pain you experience daily. While a few at-home treatments, tools, and remedies can be used to manage the pain associated with bunions, the only way to cure a bunion once and for all is by undergoing a bunion removal procedure. Here at Northwest Surgery Center, we know that deciding to undergo a surgical procedure for any reason can be difficult, no matter how badly you want to experience an end to your pain. From reluctance to undergo surgery due to fear of anesthesia or anxiety about the pain associated with bunion surgery recovery, there are many reasons why someone might be hesitant to seek out surgery.

We pride ourselves in being transparent about the various methods of surgery that can be done to remove bunions so that patients can make the best choice possible for themselves and their health moving forward. One of the biggest questions that patients commonly have when seeking treatment for bunion pain is, “How long is bunion surgery recovery?” Today, we’re here to answer this question! Keep reading to learn more. 

When seeking the answer to a question like “How long is bunion surgery recovery?” it is important to note that one can undergo two different types of surgical procedures: traditional bunion removal surgery and minimally invasive surgery. Both types use different tools and techniques to remove bunions from a patient’s foot and have a vastly different post-operative recovery process. 

Conventional Bunion Surgery

While conventional bunion surgery is an effective way to remove bunions and treat associated pain at the source, it is unfortunately regarded as one of the most painful and complex surgical procedures offered by physicians today. When you undergo conventional bunion removal surgery, one large incision will be made along the side of the affected foot. The bunion and part of the bone will be removed before breaking and resetting the joint. Because traditional bunion surgery is so invasive, it requires the insertion of hardware like screws, wires, and/or metal plates within the incision to hold the new shape of the foot in place. At the end of the surgery, the incision is stitched shut. 

Following conventional bunion surgery, patients should expect a long, extensive recovery period. In many cases, patients must rest and stay off their feet for at least two weeks and abstain from physical activity such as exercising for several months. Additionally, most patients are required to wear a boot for several weeks following surgery. They will have to tend to stitches that cannot get wet and therefore make daily tasks such as showering complicated. 

Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

Luckily for those suffering from bunions, minimally invasive bunion surgery is now available at clinics like Northwest Surgery Center. It can be used as an effective and highly beneficial alternative to conventional bunion surgery. This innovative medical procedure is performed using local anesthesia, meaning that only the affected foot is numbed during the procedure. During surgery, several small incisions will be made along the side of the foot to remove the bunion. The cuts are so small that they may be covered with a single sterile strip. After that, the foot is wrapped in protective gauze. And that’s it! The surgery will last roughly 90 minutes, including pre-operative and post-operative care. Patients can walk out of the operating room and drive themselves home.

Following a minimally invasive bunion removal procedure, most patients wear a special post-operative shoe for four weeks or less. They are not otherwise limited in their ability to participate in everyday activities like walking, running, driving, exercising, and more. Many patients report experiencing little to no pain in the weeks following a minimally invasive procedure.

Bunion Surgery Recovery at Northwest Surgery Center

So, how long is bunion surgery recovery? With minimally invasive surgery at Northwest Surgery Center, the total recovery period should last four weeks or less. The recovery period if there was a bone broken in surgery can take up to 12 weeks. If the fear of pain or the inconvenience of a lengthy and limiting post-operative period has kept you from seeking treatment for uncomfortable, unsightly bunions, contact the experts at Northwest Surgery Center today. 

You don’t have to live with bunion pain! Contact us today to learn more about our minimally invasive procedures or to schedule a consultation with a member of our team.