Destination Bunion Surgery at Northwest Surgery Center in Milwaukee, WI

Tired of dealing with bunion pain? Want to resume your daily tasks and responsibilities like walking, driving, and exercising without experiencing discomfort due to a pesky bunion? It might be time to seek treatment from Northwest Surgery Center, the nation’s leader in minimally invasive bunion removal procedures. Patients from around the United States have sought treatment from Northwest Surgery Center’s top-rated clinic in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our painless, minimally invasive surgeries are the safest and most efficient option for patients seeking to treat problematic bunions. Our procedures are an excellent option for destination bunion surgery for those traveling from out of state; we even offer exclusive discounts for hotels close to our surgery center to make care even more accessible for those making the trip to our clinic. Get your bunions removed in a short, painless procedure at our clinic, and drive home the same day!

We can authorize your insurance over the phone, and many out-of-state insurance me have coverage in Milwaukee, WI may only require a single follow-up. The first consultation will be held over the phone. Help us color in all 50 states; we are almost there!

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What Are Bunions?

Bunions are bony bumps that form on the joint at the base of the big toe. Bunions are a highly common medical condition, with roughly 1 in 3 adults expected to suffer from this deformity yearly. Bunions most commonly occur due to numerous factors, including genetics, wearing improper or ill-fitting footwear, or sports injuries. Common bunion symptoms include pain, swelling, and difficulty walking.

Bunion Treatments

Many products on the market aim to treat bunion pain without surgery, including bunion splints, pads, cushions, and more. While some of these tools can provide short-term relief for patients suffering from bunion pain, they do not get to the root of the issue. The only way to provide long-term relief is by surgically removing a bunion. While traditional bunion surgery has been widely regarded as painful and often requires a lengthy, restrictive post-operative recovery period, minimally invasive bunion removal surgeries serve as a safe, effective, and virtually painless alternative for removing bunions.

Northwest Surgery Center is a pioneer in the field of modern, minimally invasive surgical procedures and is proud to serve as one of the top-rated clinics in the country for destination bunion surgery. Patients from around the United States have traveled to our state-of-the-art modern surgery center, where only the latest technologies and equipment are used to perform minimally invasive destination bunion surgery using local anesthesia. During surgery, a small incision is made in the foot, and a specially designed surgical instrument is inserted. The entire procedure is performed through this tiny opening. The procedure takes less than 90 minutes, including pre-operative preparation and post-operative care. Patients can drive themselves home from surgery, and most patients report experiencing little to no pain in the weeks following the procedure. Minimally invasive bunion removal is an excellent option for those seeking destination bunion surgery who want to return home without pain shortly following a procedure.

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Northwest Surgery Center is one of the top destination bunion surgery providers in the United States. We have helped thousands of patients from around the United States find relief from bunion pain once and for all through our safe, effective, painless procedures.

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If you are traveling from out of state for destination bunion surgery, contact our team to learn more about hotels near our surgery center and the exclusive discounts we provide for patients! We are located just 10 miles away from Milwaukee General Mitchell Airport, 60 miles away from Madison Airport, 75 miles away from Chicago O’hare Airport, and 90 miles away from Chicago Midway Airport.