Almost Pain-Free Bunion Treatment near Hartland, Wisconsin

If you are over the pain of living with bunions, then it’s time you sought treatment at Northwest Surgery Center located in Milwaukee. Bunions, when left untreated, can make walking painful, and limit the type of shoes you can wear. They can also lead to other uncomfortable foot conditions such as hammertoe and corns.

Most bunion sufferers continue to live with the pain because they aren’t aware of how fast and relatively pain-free bunion treatment can be. We know the thought of surgery can be scary but read on to find out how you can get almost instant relief from bunions at our clinic for those living in Hartland, Wisconsin.

Why you should get bunion surgery.

Bunion surgery used to be a nerve-wracking experience in the past, and many people continue to put up with the discomfort because they are unaware of the techniques available today.

However, when you contact Northwest Surgery Center, our professional staff will be happy to let you know about the reality of your situation.

Minimally invasive surgery means bunion treatment isn’t any more inconvenient than a visit to the dentist. Some might even argue that it can be faster and less painful.

A small incision will be made in the foot, which is so tiny you only need a small bandage to protect it after the procedure.

The surgeon will use the small wound to access the bunion with precision surgical equipment. Patients are fully awake and alert during the treatment because we use a local anesthetic.

Taking care of the bunion is fast and efficient, and most patients are out of surgery and on their way home in around 90 minutes after their arrival.

Bunion Surgery Recovery Time

You will not need anyone to take care of you after the procedure. You will be able to walk out of our surgery and drive yourself home. After an afternoon of putting your feet up, you will be free to return to work the next day.

You will need to provide some measure of protection while your foot recovers, but the only equipment required is a post-operative shoe.


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