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Dr. Brant L. McCartan from Northwest Surgery Center in Wauwatosa, WI office

Dr. Brant McCartan

Dr. Brant McCartan is committed to helping podiatric medicine to advance further through continual academic research in order to alleviate problems of the foot and ankle.

Internationally known for his research and commitment to progress in the field of podiatry, Dr. McCartan is board certified in foot surgery for the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery and one of only a handful of doctors to become a fellow of both the Academy of Ambulatory Foot & Ankle Surgery and its branch MIS (Minimally Invasive Surgery).

Dr. McCartan attended Marquette University before going to Florida for Medical school. He then was accepted into residency at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts.

Dr. McCartan now practices at Northwest Surgery Center in both Denver, Colorado and Milwaukee, Wisconsin in comfortable surroundings that bear no resemblance to traditional hospitals.

Their return to Wisconsin was a wonderful moment for Dr McCartan and his family; it meant that he and his wife could raise their four energetic boys in the same place where she grew up.

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