Have you been frustrated with balance issues lately? Struggling with balance is a common issue, especially among older individuals or those recovering from injuries; however, a common underlying cause could be bunions. Treating bunions can alleviate pain and discomfort and help rebalance your foot. 

What Are Bunions?

A bunion is a bony bump that forms on the joint at the base of the big toe. Some of the most common causes of bunions include:

  • Wearing improper or ill-fitting footwear
  • Traumatic injuries
  • The natural shape of one’s foot

And more!

Bunion Symptoms 

Bunions can have various symptoms, depending on the severity and cause. The most common symptoms of bunions include:

  • A large bump or lump at the base of your big toe
  • Swelling, redness, or soreness around your big toe joint.
  • Pain in the affected area

Removing Bunions to Rebalance Foot

If left untreated over time, bunions can lead to more severe side effects and additional medical complications. Due to the large bump at the base of the big toe and the fact that they can lead to other deformities, bunions can disrupt your balance and stability, increasing the risk of falls and other injuries. Additionally, the ongoing pain and structural changes in your feet can affect your ability to stand or walk, especially on uneven surfaces. If you have been struggling with balance and stability, bunions could be the underlying cause. 

The only way to rebalance your foot once and for all is to remove bunions at the source through a surgical procedure. 

Bunion Surgery at Northwest Surgery Center

At Northwest Surgery Center, we offer minimally invasive bunion removal procedures that make it easier to remove pesky bunions and permanently rebalance your foot. 

When you undergo a bunionectomy procedure at Northwest Surgery Center, you will be treated in one of our modern surgery suites, where we use only the latest and best modern surgical tools and equipment. During the procedure, you will be administered local anesthesia. A small incision will be made, and a specially designed surgical instrument will be inserted into this incision. The entire procedure is performed through this tiny opening! After surgery, a small bandage will protect the micro-surgery area. The whole procedure, including pre-op preparation and post-op recovery, should take less than 120 minutes.

Most patients can drive themselves home from surgery and return to work the following day; however, you must wear post-operative shoes for about a week following the operation. 

Rebalance Your Foot With Us!

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