There’s a lot that goes into selecting a pair of shoes for hammertoes, especially if you want to maximize your comfort. But what should you look for when choosing a pair? Are some better than others? And will choosing a pair that is better than most actually result in more comfortable footwear? 

Here’s everything you need to know.

Why Shoes for Hammertoes are Necessary

To find a good pair of shoes for hammertoes, it’s important to understand why they are necessary to begin with. Hammertoes cause the middle joints of your toes to arch upward when the muscles and tendons begin to shift in such a way. This can also cause the affected toes to develop additional corns or calluses which only add to the pain and aches that you’ll experience. 

Eventually, you may not even be able to move your toe at all if the condition gets bad enough. The arched and tender state of your afflicted toe joints can become inflamed and irritated when wearing a pair of shoes that doesn’t compliment them. 

Luckily, that’s where shoes for hammertoes come in handy.

What to Look For

Hammertoe shoes are designed specifically for people that are burdened with the condition. While there may be some obvious differences between an extremely cheap pair and an expensive one in terms of quality, the hope is that most of them will act in relatively the same fashion: accommodating your hammertoe. 

When choosing a pair of shoes for your hammertoes that stand out among the rest, you’ll want to pay attention to certain features. For instance, a pair that has above-average depth will give you more room in the toe-box for your toes, whereas normal shoes may be slightly more narrow and irritate them. These come in several different options that aren’t only functional, but stylish. 

Or, if you prefer to wear athletic shoes like sneakers, it’s a good rule of thumb to choose pairs that offer a great deal of stretch in the toe region to prevent further irritation. However, it’s not easy to get cheap pairs that can give out after prolonged use, so holding out for a higher price—and better quality—will save you discomfort and money down the road.

The Best Option

There are plenty of great shoes for hammertoes for those that require them, as they are much more comfortable and accommodating than most general footwear. However, if you’re looking for a way to get rid of the pain and discomfort once and for all, you’ll need to undergo surgery. 

Through a minimally invasive surgery procedure, such as the kind offered at Northwest Surgery Center, you’ll be able to bypass needing to wear hammertoe shoes entirely. You will no longer experience the same level of soreness and difficulty in walking or performing physical activities that would otherwise be hindered. 

It’s a big step up from choosing which pair of shoes would suit your hammertoes best, but it’s a choice that will benefit you greatly in the long run. 

Wear Whatever You Want

When it comes down to it, some shoes for hammertoes will simply be better than others based on the quality of the brand and price, whether it’s by a mile or a single toe, just as general shoes are better than others. But what feels best will ultimately come down to what you prefer, regardless of if that means sliding on a pair of stretchy sneakers or wide-toe-box shoes. As long as it works for you, feel free to wear whatever you please.

That being said, surgery is the only way to permanently deal with your hammertoes for good. If you’re ready to take the next step in living a comfortable and fulfilling life, Northwest Surgery Center is prepared to help. Get in touch with us or call 414-246-9404 today to learn more.