If you’ve ever had the displeasure of experiencing a hammertoe, you know that they can be uncomfortable, painful, and annoying. The joints of the toe can become inflamed, bent, and even swollen, depending on their severity, which is why you want to do whatever you can to avoid them. But what is the root cause of hammertoe deformity? There are a few things that can lead to the ailment, such as the following:

A Previous Injury

One way hammertoes develop is from an existing condition caused by an injury. If you have ever smashed, bent, snapped, cracked, or accidentally altered your toes in any way, the resulting fallout could cause them to turn into hammertoes later on down the line. While the chances of a broken or smashed toe causing a hammertoe to develop is low, it is not impossible, which is why you should always visit a hospital in the event that something like this occurs. A physician can properly set them to minimize side effects like this from occurring. 

Wearing Improper Shoes

A more common cause of hammertoe deformity is wearing uncomfortable shoes. It might seem crazy to think that wearing a pair of shoes that are too tight could cause something like a hammertoe, but that is, unfortunately, the case. Footwear that is too narrow, cramped, arched, and lacking in support can lead to painful hammertoes; high-heels can be particularly harmful on occasion. However, this can be easily prevented by wearing shoes that are the correct size and shape of your foot, as well as those that have reliable cushioning and arch support to reduce the strain and pressure in order to correct your hammertoes.

Your Genes

Sometimes you are simply dealt a bad hand at birth, although you shouldn’t blame your parents just yet. It’s true that, in some instances, your genes can be a cause of hammertoe deformity. When you are born with particularly flat feet, the body will often attempt to balance out your footing by putting greater strain on the toes, which can create hammertoes. Likewise, the opposite could happen, and overly arched feet could compensate by doing the same and yielding similar results. In this case, wearing orthotics that relieve some of the extra pressure can help minimize the discomfort and lessen the chances of you needing to deal with hammertoes, but aside from that, there isn’t much you can do. Not to worry though, as there are treatment options if you do happen to develop the condition.

The Best Hammertoe Treatment Option

There are several factors that could be the cause of hammertoe deformity, and they vary by individual, but regardless of it is due to ill-fitting shoes, the result of a prior injury, or even just a part of your genes, there is one sure-fire way to deal with it: minimally invasive surgery.

The medically trained professionals at Northwest Surgery Center can fix your hammertoes and have you walking out the front door in a matter of hours. It is the only solution that is capable of permanently treating your condition, and with years of experience to back us up, we’re ready to help. Contact us today or call our toll-free number at 800-873-1060 to learn more about how we can help you get rid of your hammertoes for good.