Some people may consider a bunion to be a mild inconvenience. At first, this may be true. Newly formed bunions may be small and not much of a problem. With time, though, bunions tend to get bigger and may also become sensitive to the touch or even painful. If you’re struggling with severe bunion pain now, then you know just how debilitating this can be. Today, we’ll take a look at a question we get all the time, namely: what is the fastest way to get rid of a bunion?

The Only Way to Get Rid of Bunions

In reality, surgery is the only way to get rid of a bunion for good. In the past, many patients were hesitant to undergo traditional bunion surgery. Bunion surgeries were  –– at one time –– considered painful and inconvenient. Indeed, traditional bunion surgery still may require several months of extensive recovery time in order for the foot to heal properly. 

Because of this, many people looked for alternatives to traditional bunion surgery. Unfortunately, nonsurgical methods for dealing with bunion pain don’t actually reduce or remove bunions. Rather, they may provide some short-term relief, but little more than that. 

Dealing with Bunion Pain

If you need relief from bunion pain immediately, then there are some things you can do to alleviate discomfort right away. First, elevate the foot and place an ice pack on the bunion. This should help to bring down some of the swelling. 

If you have to go out while suffering with bunion pain, then you could consider purchasing bunion pads, cushions, or shoe inserts. These items may reduce some of the pain caused by a bunion rubbing up against the inside of a shoe. Certain foot stretches may also provide temporary relief or prevent future bunions from developing, but they won’t act to correct the alignment of the foot or eliminate an already existing bunion.  

Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

As we’ve established above, the only way to permanently get rid of bunions is to have them surgically removed. Thankfully, minimally invasive surgery has substantially improved patient outcomes when compared with traditional bunionectomies. 

For one, minimally invasive bunion surgery is an outpatient procedure. The entire process only lasts around two hours. As opposed to traditional bunion surgery, surgeons only have to make very small (¼ inch) incisions to remove a bunion when using minimally invasive techniques. And after the surgery, most patients only require a regular bandage and gauze to cover their foot. 

Best of all, patients are typically able to get up and walk around immediately following the surgery. Most patients are able to drive home from the clinic, and depending on their line of work, return to their job the very next day. Note, patients will have to wear a small, post-operative shoe for up to four weeks following the procedure. 

To sum up: minimally invasive bunion surgery is fast, painless, and very effective. If you’re tired of dealing with bunion pain, then this is the best solution to your problem!

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