Bunions are more common than you may think. With about 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 suffering from these often painful growths, bunions form due to heredity, wearing incorrect footwear, and aging. If you suffer from the enlarged growth for years, you may question, “Why is my bunion getting bigger?”

It isn’t uncommon to suddenly notice that the lump on the side of your big toe growing bigger or causing more pain as you walk around. There could be a few reasons why this is happening. 

Fortunately, there is a solution to remove your bunions with the medical experts at Northwest Surgery Center.

What are Bunions?

Bunions are lumps on the side of your big toe, often caused when the large toe starts to bend towards your second toe. This is a movement of the joint that can be very painful and limit you in the types of shoes you can wear. 

Reasons Your Bunion is Getting Bigger

There are a few reasons why your bunion is getting bigger over time. While some causes are avoidable, others are simply biological. 

Weight Gain

As we age, our metabolisms start to slow down, causing many of us to gain weight. It’s a natural part of life, but it could be a reason your bunion is getting bigger. 

With more pressure on your feet, it may cause your bunion to grow due to the weight you put on your foot and your big toe. 

While losing weight can improve your overall health, unfortunately, it will not cause your bunion to get smaller. However, it can relieve some of the pressure and pain. 

Allowing the Bunion to Grow with Footwear

When you suffer from a bunion, your first thought is to find flexible footwear that accommodates the new growth. While footwear made from mesh material or wide soles can offer temporary relief from discomfort, this allows your bunion to get bigger. 

Our feet are extremely malleable and can be manipulated to grow in certain ways. In the late 13th century, women in China would practice foot binding. They would wrap their feet tightly, limiting their growth. While this was a painful practice, it proves that the size and shape of our feet can be changed. 

In terms of bunion growth, wearing wider footwear could promote the bunion to get bigger. Allowing this extra room in your shoes means your feet have more surface area to be flat and put more pressure on your big toe, leading to a growing bunion. Just like a goldfish grows according to the size of its environment. You buying wider shoes is letting your bunion get larger too!

While these bunion footwear options offer temporary relief, they could actually be hurting you more than helping you. 


Age is another reason your bunion is getting bigger. Throughout the years, our joints and bones grow weaker, inhibiting us from practicing proper posture or walking correctly. 

Along with many other aging factors, it could cause bunion growth. 

Correct Your Bunion at Northwest Surgery Center

There are many fixes to accommodate bunions, such as splints, bandages, and exercises, but you know it’s not going to correct itself. It is probably time to remove it entirely with minimally invasive bunion correction. 

When you put off bunion surgery for too long, your bunion gets bigger and bigger as you wear larger and wider shoes to accommodate the growth, causing even more pain and potential knee, hip, and back problems

At Northwest Surgery Center, you can experience a minimally invasive bunion removal surgery with little to no downtime. 

Are you ready to say goodbye to your bunion for good?

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