As you go to slip on your bunion shoes, you can’t help but peer into your closet at those chic and sexy stiletto heels you once wore out to dinner with friends or to your favorite annual Christmas party. Sighing, you look at your bunion and cover it up with your flexible and not-so-chic bunion shoes. 

Feeling a bit disheartened, you start to question if you’ll ever be able to slip into your favorite pair of shoes again. 

The answer is yes! 

Women nationwide are saying goodbye to their bunion shoes and slipping into their favorite pair of sandals, heels, and even sneakers. With new medical practices and techniques, bunion removal is easier, faster, and less painful. 

You can finally throw your bunion shoes away once and for all!

What are Bunion Shoes?

Maybe you’re at the early stages of developing a bunion on your foot, which is a growth on the joint of your big toe. These often painful bumps can affect what types of shoes you wear. 

That’s where bunion shoes come in. 

Bunion shoes are wide and often made from flexible material to allow your bunion to fit comfortably. They often come with some arch support to prevent your bunion from becoming worse over the years. 

While bunion shoes are very helpful and more comfortable than the everyday sneakers for women with bunions, they aren’t necessarily the most attractive or elegant shoes in the store. 

How to Get Rid of Your Bunion (and Bunion Shoes!)

A bunionectomy is the only way to get rid of your bunion and say goodbye to your bunion shoes. However, there are two popular methods to remove your bunion. 

Traditional Surgery

If you’re familiar with bunions, which can run in the family, you’ve probably heard of the dreaded traditional bunion surgery. 

With 8 to 12 weeks of recovery time per foot, a long two to three-inch incision, general anesthesia, and an elevated risk of infection, most women put off having traditional bunion surgery until it is absolutely necessary. 

While a traditional bunionectomy requires patience and determination, it is effective and will allow you to wear your favorite pair of shoes without pain again. 

But, there’s an even better option… 

Minimally Invasive Surgery

As the medical field advances and new, minimally invasive techniques are discovered, people can now find the comfort and cures they need without sacrificing their vacation and sick days at work. 

With a minimally invasive bunionectomy, patients experience a short 4-week recovery time in a surgical boot, allowing them to walk and drive as needed.  

The entire surgery uses a local anesthetic, so you can get up and drive yourself home right after without any drowsiness. The incision is hardly noticeable, measuring at just 1/8th of an inch, too! 

For those who have been putting off bunion surgery because they didn’t want to go through the complicated and long surgery and recovery time, a minimally invasive bunionectomy could be the answer you’ve been waiting for. 

Is Bunion Surgery Right for You?

If you have been dealing with a painful and debilitating bunion for years, then a bunion removal surgery may be right for you. 

Walking in the park with your grandchildren or doing your weekly grocery shopping shouldn’t be painful due to a throbbing bunion on the side of your foot – even if you’re wearing bunion shoes. 

At Northwest Surgery Center, you can remove your bunion with minimally invasive surgery in just one day. 

One day, it’s there and gone the next! 

Step out of your bunion shoes and into Northwest Surgery Center for your fast, easy, and minimally invasive bunion surgery today.