Northwest Surgery Center has been making ambulatory surgical care accessible to the Milwaukee community for over 25 years. Here at NWSC, we want to make our minimally invasive procedure as accessible as possible for as many people in the Milwaukee area and across the country. So who is minimally invasive bunion surgery for? You!

Have you been postponing treatment for medical issues due to financial concerns? Maybe you’re worried about the time you’ll have to spend off of your feet. Neglecting your health and failing to receive treatment in a timely manner will only lead to a higher likelihood of additional medical complications in the future. Here at Northwest Surgery Center, we’re on a mission to make sure that everyone from small business owners to stay-at-home moms to healthcare workers and everyone in between within our community is able to access our pain-relieving procedures and recommend treatment options that work with your schedule and needs.

If you are a nurse or someone who is on your feet all day, you might find it difficult to take time to receive medical care due to both your busy schedule and your inability to miss work due to the associated loss of income and unnecessary time off of your feet. At Northwest Surgery Center, we are able to perform minimally invasive procedures for the removal or treatment of common issues like bunions, allowing patients to receive care in a fraction of the time that it would take to undergo a traditional surgical procedure and require minimal recovery time. This means that you can resume working shortly after surgery and get back to your daily responsibilities free from pain without losing your income. 

Maybe you’re a small business owner worrying about the toll that minimally invasive surgery could take on your finances. Northwest Surgery Center is here to help! We are a family-owned company ourselves. We know how hard it is to take time away from your business to heal. You can choose the procedure that works best for you now and stay as active as possible throughout your shortened recovery.

We want to make medical care as accessible as possible for all members of the Milwaukee community. If you have been neglecting medical care due to financial or scheduling concerns, contact us here at NWSC to discuss your options for treatment. From flexible payment options to fast procedures that require little to no time off of work, we make it easier than ever to undergo treatments for bunions and other medical complications. Are you a candidate for Minimally Invasive Bunion surgery? 95% of patients that come in our doors are candidates for our procedure. So, if you have asked yourself: “Who is  minimally invasive bunion surgery for?” The answer is likely…YOU! What are you waiting for? Contact us today!