Bunions are painful and unsightly, and the exact conditions which cause them are still a hotly debated topic. However, just because we’re not sure about the causes of bunions, many foot specialists agree that there are things you can do to prevent them from developing.

Wear Appropriate Shoes Will Prevent Bunions

When discussing ideas on how to prevent bunions, the style of shoes you wear will come under scrutiny. Many foot specialists agree that high heels are a likely cause of bunions.

The extra weight they force onto the toes puts a lot of extra pressure on the toe joints, and the result is a bunion. Of course, this doesn’t mean you must avoid high heels at all costs, just that they shouldn’t be your daily choice in footwear.

Prevent Bunions By Monitoring The Health Of Yor Feet

The health and condition of your feet determine how or when bunions form. Foot pain and deformities can be the symptoms of bunions or lead to them. Weight gain can also cause bunions because it puts more pressure on the foot and toes.

Exercise Your Feet and Toes Will Prevent Bunions

Simple toe stretches a few times a day may strengthen the tendons and muscles surrounding the toes. Try to complete at least ten repetitions of about 5-seconds each throughout the day. Here are some exercises to improve foot strength


Another foot exercise tip for preventing bunions is to place 20 marbles on the floor, and then put them away by picking them up with your toes.

When you get home from work and all the chores are done, spend a little time massaging your feet while you are watching TV, reading, or while you’re on the computer. Grab a golf ball and roll it around with the base of your foot. This exercise is useful for working out any kinks in the tendons that have built up during the day.

Northwest Surgery Center Fixes Bunions

If you are concerned that you may already have bunions developing in your feet, then the time to act is now. Book yourself in for a free consultation at Northwest Surgery Center to discover your options for pain-free bunion treatments.