Many myths have grown around bunions and bunion treatment, and most are inaccurate and unfounded.

Some of the myths may even lead people to believe that bunions are something to put up with because they can’t be treated or that bunion surgery is risky and doesn’t work. We thought it was time to put the myths to bed, so here are a few of the most popular ones in circulation.

Bunions are Genetic Myth

Yes, there is a genetic component to bunions. However, if bunions have appeared in your family tree, it only says that you are more likely to get bunions, it’s not a guarantee. Plus, it’s possible to get bunions even though there isn’t a bunion anywhere in your family history.

Only Women Get Bunions

Bunions show up on women more often than men, but they can occur in any gender. Women’s choices in high-heeled, pointy shoes are thought to be a significant contributing factor, but there’s no conclusive evidence to link footwear choice with bunions irrefutably. Some women manage to wear high heels without getting bunions, so there are most likely other contributing factors involved

Bunions are for Old People Myth

The truth is bunions can affect any gender at any age. Bunions are rarer in young children, but they do happen. Teenagers, middle-aged, and twenty-somethings are all at risk of bunions. Around thirty percent of teenage girls report having bunions, and the majority of these cases have a strong genetic component.

Bunions Go Away By Themselves

It would be nice if you could get rid of bunions by changing your shoes. Unfortunately, once a bunion takes hold, ignoring it will generally allow it to get worse. A bunion left to its own devices may also cause other problems such as arthritis, or eventually push all your toes out of alignment.

Bunion Surgery is Risky and Painful Myth

It may have been painful and risky in the past, but we’ve learned a thing or two in the last couple of decades. In a lot of cases, you can walk out of bunion surgery sans bunions in as little as two hours, and even get back to work on the same day.

If you’ve been holding off on getting your bunions treated because of a misguided myth, get in touch with Northwest Surgery Center, where you will receive professional advice about all your bunion treatment options.