While hammertoes can be extremely painful and impact your life, there are also several other ways that hammertoes can affect other parts of your body!


If you have been suffering under the pain and discomfort of hammertoes, then you’re probably already looking for different ways that you can fix them as painlessly as possible. One of the significant issues for people that are suffering from hammertoes is how the pain from them can impact other parts of the body and your lifestyle.

What is a hammertoe, and how does it affect other parts of the body?

A hammertoe is a toe that has become bent due to a weakened muscle. The weak muscle can make the tendons shorter, which then causes your toes to curl under your feet. They can be caused because of incorrectly fitted shoes as well as run in your family.

One of the problems with hammertoes is that they can lead to other health problems and have a significant impact on your life. They can affect how you walk and lead to calluses, sores, and even blisters. If you aren’t walking correctly, it can have more significant implications on your back and posture. It can also lead to weight gain because you can’t exercise correctly.

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