Around this time of the year, many people come in with concerns of foot pain when skiing. Others just feel that they need to accept this myth of it is normal for your foot to hurt. If you feet hurt in ski boots, it could be because of bigger foot problems.

It Is Not Normal to Have Foot Pain When Skiing

heel spurSo, why do you have pain? And do you have to put up with the pain? Don’t let this pain distract you from skiing. And do you get blisters the start of every season? They can avoid heel blisters from ski boots.

Foot pain when skiing can result from a bad fit of the ski boot with your ski socks. First, did you wear your ski socks and long underwear and whatever else you normally wear when you ski? Next, have you had any weight changes greater than 10lbs up or down? This can affect boot fit. It is great to have your boot molded to your feet and “warm it up” and wear it for several hours, but it is not memory foam, and it can change. Especially if you are a seasonal skier or have taken time off, remold your boot. But if you have had your boot fitted repeatedly. If you have made all adjustments and your foot still hurts? OR, what if your foot hurts after you’re done skiing and the next couple of days?

Maybe Something Is Wrong With Your Foot!

Have a look down at those ten toes. Does something not look right? What is causing your foot to hurt when skiing? There are several possibilities:

  1. Bunions
  2. Hammer Toes
  3. Tailors bunion or bunionette
  4. Prominent styloid process
  5. Metatarsalgia
  6. Neuroma
  7. Stress fracture
  8. Pinched nerve

What does all of this mean? And what can you do about it? Do you need surgery? What else can help?