What Is A Bunion?

A bunion is a bump that forms on the inside of the foot at the big toe joint.  As the bunion grows, it causes the big toe to angle toward the other toes.  The word bunion refers to the entire deformity of the big toe and joint.Bunions before bunion surgery

Bunions get worse as time goes on.  As they progress, pain can develop which can dramatically effect a person’s lifestyle.  Walking can become painful.  The sore bump on the side of the foot can push against footwear and form calluses.

Bunions can start at any time, but they usually begin to form around middle-age.  Once the condition starts, it will progressively get worse.

Causes Of Bunions

There are many possible causes of bunions. Arthritis and foot injuries can bring about the conditions.  They might also run in the family.  Experts consider tight formal shoes and high-heels to be responsible for bunions occurring more often in women’s feet than men’s. There is no proof that this is true.

Unfortunately, many people believe that once bunions develop they are there to stay, and they will have to endure the painful condition for the rest of their lives.

Many bunion sufferers have tried to find relief through old-fashioned open-foot bunion surgery. When the process doesn’t produce the desired results, they assume nothing will work. Then they don’t pursue the matter further.

Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

The fact is, there is relief from the pain of bunions available, and it doesn’t involve invasive or major surgery. Minimally invasive bunion surgery successfully removes bunions without a long, painful ordeal.

A patient’s belief that there is an effective cure for bunions can be sorely tested. Especially following a failed bunion surgery. Surgery can be quite a terrifying and painful ordeal, so this is a perfectly natural reaction. The staff at Northwest Surgery Center knows that sometimes, it takes a leap of faith to have additional foot surgery.

Before and After Bunion Surgeries

To help convince people about the effectiveness of minimally invasive bunion surgery, Northwest Surgery Center has compiled a few before and after images of surgeries they’ve performed. The photos show results that are nothing short of astounding. It’s no surprise that a few people have said that they look like photos of different feet.

Bunion before surgeryBunion after surgery

The scarring is so minimal, it is difficult to find, even upon close inspection.

Huge Bunion before surgeryHuge bunion removed after surgery