In this age of celebrity worship, it’s easy to forget that they’re just people and they suffer from the same ailments as everyone else. They can get hurt physically and emotionally. No one on earth is so famous that they can escape bunions. Celebrities have the luxury of time and money, so they can always have bunion removal surgery to get rid of those painful, unsightly bunions.

Yet they don’t.

A-list celebs who suffer from bunions do so voluntarily. This is a drastic decision, considering what famous people a risk to live with painful, deformed feet.

Potential effects of bunions on a celebrity’s life.

  • Actors an’t play the role of an active person
  • Celebrity are on their feet for long periods of time
  • Actors wear certain footwear a role might require

Bunions are painful. They restrict big toe movement, alter a person’s natural gait and can stop a celebrity in their tracks.

Celebrities must maintain the illusion of glamour. Few things shatter that illusion like bunions.  Living with them often means oversized, ugly shoes, which is usually the opposite of what a celebrity wants to project to the masses.

But these are celebrities we’re talking about. They have time and money. They can afford to take some time off work to fix something as debilitating and detrimental as a bunion.

Why celebrities don’t get bunion surgery

Before we address the obvious question of why celebrities don’t get bunion surgery, let us look at a few of the famous glitterati who choose to live with their painful, ugly bunions.

Celebrities with Bunions - Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell

Let’s start with the exotic supermodel, actress, businesswoman Naomi Campbell. Yes, it’s true, a supermodel with bunions. Proof positive that bunions don’t discriminate. Naomi has it all, including bunions. Do they hurt? Does she have to keep herself from wincing in pain as she struts her stuff down the runway? How does she maintain her air of confidence if her feet ache with every step?

Even if they don’t hurt (yet), wouldn’t she want to look her best? I would venture to guess that a supermodel does not want people to know she has bunions.

One would be hard-pressed to find a more extreme example of vanity for vanity’s sake than Paris Hilton. But she has bunions too, and she lives with them instead of having bunion surgery. She probably does not want people to know she has bunions.

Celebrity with Bunions - Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

When she goes to the beach, she probably doesn’t want hot guys to notice her bunions. Dare she wear flip-flops, exposing her feet to the public, no matter how comfortable they are?

Want more A-listers with bunions? How about Katie Holmes, Jennifer Aniston, Michelle Yeoh, Chrissy Teigen, Amy Adams, Famke Janssen, Amal Clooney, Uma Thurman. The list seems endless.

Oprah Winfrey gives cars to audience members. She can certainly afford bunion surgery but chooses not to have it. With all her fame, money and power, it’s hard to miss Oprah’s bunions.

The reason why celebraties endure the pain

The verdict is in, almost every celebrity will endure the pain and embarrassment of bunions to avoid bunion surgery.

The glaring question remains: Why would so many people, whose livelihood depends on looking good, who have plenty of money, who need to be on their feet much of the time, live with ugly, painful bunions?

When we look a little deeper, the answer becomes obvious. Conventional bunion surgery is brutal and celebrities with bunions don’t know about minimally invasive bunion surgery like they offer at Northwest Surgery Center. If they knew of the alternative, they would be on a plane to get their bunions removed as soon as possible.

The Brutality of Conventional Bunion Surgery

Conventional bunion surgery is one of the worst surgeries there is. It involves incisions are often up to 5 or 6 inches long, broken bones, plates, screws and other permanent hardware. The surgery requires drugs to knock you out for the procedure. Patient have to stay at least one night in the hospital.

Conventional Bunion Surgery Incision

Conventional Bunion Surgery Incision

Typical bunion surgery recovery time requires weeks, sometimes months of crutches and having someone wait on your hand and foot because you’re immobile. This old-fashioned surgery comes with many months of healing time. It involves long-term pain treatment with addictive pain killers.

It’s no wonder people avoid this surgery at all costs. It is a painful ordeal.

The Alternative: Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

Patient After Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

In a minimally invasive bunion removal procedure, they operate on the bunion in a small incision. After surgery, one stitch closes the opening. Surgeons don’t use plates, screws, and other hardware. We only use a local numbing agent, so the patient is awake the entire time.

With a protective boot, patients walk out of bunion surgery and drive themselves home about an hour and a half after they arrive. The outpatient procedure is like a visit to the dentist. You do not need crutches. And no one needs to wait on you. They can treat pain with over-the-counter pain drugs. Many people don’t even miss work.


In conclusion, if you had bunions, plenty of money, why wouldn’t you have bunion surgery? The only reason is that most celebrities don’t know about this alternative to conventional bunion surgery.

If you or someone you know has bunions, check out Northwest Surgery Center. It is so easy for you to remove your bunions once and for all. You’ll quickly realize it’s an easy decision. When you experience the ease and simplicity of this bunion surgery, you’ll laugh at all those A-listers who needlessly surrender to a life with bunions.